DATA PROTECTION LAWS have been with us for over 25 years, starting from the EU Directive in 1995. Now that the GDPR is in force and GDPR implementation is quickly moving forward, organizations around the world are continually assessing their compliance risks.PRIVINTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS:

  • OFFERS a full range of data protection services, making the law easy to understand, focusing on implementation user experience (UX) and cost-effectiveness.
  • HELPS operationalize privacy by providing guidance and supporting privacy compliance.
  • MAINTAINS a continuous overview of the data privacy compliance project by allocating a dedicated project manager and using automation and IT tools (RPA, consent management, data subject requests).
  • ENSURES customers meet privacy standards across the globe handles ongoing data privacy management and compliance taking the pressure off in-house legal teams.
  • PROVIDES flexible fee arrangements and we are able to provide a lower cost structure to meet budget constraints.

PrivIntelligent collaborates internationally with House of Data Imperiali an Italian company, based in Milan, founded by lawyers and consultants with 30 years of experience in the field of privacy and data protection.

Its main business is to support national and international companies, operating in multiple industries, in the management and protection of personal data in compliance with EU and local regulations through a very concrete and operational approach in the application of the standard in business processes.


Privacy Compliance Services
  • Key Privacy Compliance Activities
    • Awareness & Training
      1. Roadmap Guidance
      2. Enterprise-wide data protection training
      3. Client portal access
    • Accountability & Assessment (Mindset)
      1. TOMs-Technical and Organizational Measures
      2. Data Privacy by design and by default
      3. Data Privacy Preliminary and Impact Assessment
      4. Risk based approach
  • Key Privacy Compliance Activities: Documentation
    • Transparency (Data Subject Rights)
      1. Notices. Customers, Consumers and Employees.
      2. Online Privacy Statements.
      3. Data protection organizational model.
    • Evidence of Compliance (Proof)
      1. Policies and Procedures.
      2. Record of Processing.
      3. Record of Data breaches.
      4. Vendor agreements.
      5. International data transfer strategy.
Data Protection Officer Services
  • Records Management
    • Personal Data Inventories → Maintain & Update Records of Data Processing Activities (RPAs)
    • Update Record (existing data mapping cards) with changes to existing Processing Activities (PAs) and additions of new PAs
    • Cross-border Data Transfers
      1. Maintain Register of cross-border data transfers & list of third countries
      2. Maintain Records of the data transfer mechanisms used for cross-border data flows (e.g., standard contractual clauses, binding corporate rules)
    • Manage Third Party Risk
      1. Maintain Register of third-party Data Processors
      2. Maintain Records of Data Processing Agreements with third parties
    • Manage High Risk & DPIAs
      1. Maintain Register of DPIAs carried out & ongoing status
  • Third Party Risk Management
    • Manage Third Party Risk
      1. Review existing contractual arrangements
      2. Draft new Data Processing Agreements per own templates as needed
      3. Review Data Processing Agreements proposed by third party vendors
    • Manage Cross-border Data Transfers – Flows
      1. Execute data transfer agreements as needed
  • High Risk Management
    • Assess High Risk
      1. Conduct High Risk Assessments for existing processing activities
      2. Conduct High Risk Assessments for new processing activities
    • Perform Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
      1. Maintain Register of DPIAs carried out & ongoing status
      2. Conduct PIAs or DPIAs for existing processing activities
      3. Conduct PIAs or DPIAs for new processing activities
Data Protection Officer Services

Data Protection Officer Dedicated Service

Responsible for Data Protection Authority inquiries

Responsible for data subject’s requests

Compliance reviews

Advice on design/default thinking for new systems

Support continuous training mindset

EU Representative Services
  • EU Representative Support Services to EU Affiliates
    • Assist the designated EU Affiliate to create the Record of Processing Activities (RPA)
    • Maintain & update the existing Record of Processing Activities (RPA) of the EU Affiliate
  • EU Representative General Activities
    • Be available to DPA / data subjects
    • Receive, relay & respond to Supervisory Authorities and/or Data Subjects
    • Notify contact details to DPA / data subjects
    • Formal reporting on annual basis
Data mapping tool

Our custom-made tool helps you easily map your data across your organization, build an inventory of your processing activities, streamline privacy impact assessments and generate custom reports.


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Data Protection Officer / Privacy Manager

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