Katerina is a Greek qualified Attorney at law, specialized in Data Protection law, Cybersecurity and Intellectual Property Law. She holds a law degree from the Democritus University of Thrace Law School in Greece, and a Master’s degree in Law & Technology from Tilburg University in the Netherlands. Prior joining Privintelligent Solutions, Katerina has appeared before the Court of First Instance in cases of Civil Law and Criminal Law and supported small and medium-sized enterprises on several legal aspects.
Katerina has experience in advising both Public organisations and businesses on legal issues specifically relating to data protection, GDPR compliance, cybersecurity matters, e-commerce, intellectual property as well as employment law.
In Privintelligent Solutions, Katerina provides consultancy services and legal support to multinational pharmaceutical companies to comply with the legal framework of processing personal data by assisting on drafting and reviewing data protection policies, agreement, notices and contracts.
She speaks fluently English and French.